# Introduction

Laravel JSON:API helps you easily implement JSON:API (opens new window) specification-compliant APIs to your Laravel applications.

Full details of the JSON:API specification can be found on their website (opens new window).

# Features

Laravel JSON:API provides all the capabilities you need to add JSON:API compliant APIs to your Laravel application. We have extensive support for the full specification, including:

  • Content negotiation
  • Fetching resources
  • Fetching relationships
  • Inclusion of related resources (compound documents)
  • Sparse field sets
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Creating resources
  • Updating resources
  • Updating relationships
  • Deleting resources
  • Validation of:
    • JSON:API documents for compliance with the specification; and
    • Query parameters.

This includes full out-of-the box support for querying Eloquent resources, with features such as:

  • Automatic eager loading when using JSON:API include paths
  • Simple definition of filters and sort parameters
  • Easy relationship end-points
  • Pagination of resources.

And finally, we have an extensive range of test helpers: to make test driven development a breeze.

# Get Started

Get start by heading to the installation guide.

Or if you're new to JSON:API or want a great intro the Laravel JSON:API, then try our tutorial.

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